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Why is everyone hating on Tiffany Pollard New York!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

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When I look at the message board all is see is bad things about Tiffany Pollard New York. When know that she is not the best looking thing in the world, but she is not that ugly either(believe me i have seen worst), And the people that is saying she is ugly i wonder what they look like ( i bet you all look about the same). To me I give her major credit. She started off on a reality televison series as a contestant and now she has had her own two shows. If you do not like seeing her on televison, do watch it , I don't think the world revolves around you so the show wont stop. New York this world is full of haters, and I have one last thing to say, Katt William said, " If you got 10 haters, you need to upgrade to 20, and if you have 20 you need to see how you can get to 40 before the summer time." So congrate to New York and I wish her success.

I hear you on that!! Honestly, people are intimidated by her overly confident personality. People will find anything they can to attack Tiffany Pollard New York because they dont like seeing someone that confident in hesrelf

And now bring on the 30 responses of how new york is insecure, ugly, not all female, blah blah blah.... just save it for someone who cares.

I for one am not intimidated by her, (ack, ack) "overly confident personality." Rather, I think Tiffany Pollard nude a skanky actress, she's so over the top, which in itself is fine, some people, like Coco, make that work in their benefit. But, she isn't running with that, she's trying to be something she can't be: an actress, for real. If Tiffany Pollard was sex tape happy being an over the top skanky low-class character, she'd be successful, like a Jerry Springer regular, then yes, she'd do fine. But if we're to believe her "aspirations" she's reaching for the stars.

Tiffany Pollard mother

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Is very very rude, and has no reason to be, I understand she's concerned with her daughter Tiffany Pollard , but she is beyond over bearing. If she even got smart with me, I would tear into her, and I garuntee she would be speechless, haha. But Tiffany Pollard nude photos is a really pretty girl, and I think she has changed a lot for the better with her new show, and I hope her the best for everything she does.
I think after this whole experience, Tiffany will realize that she has to set boundaries with her mom, no matter how close they are, or her potential acting career will be compromised.
She is a drag queen. That's probably her father and her Mom died years ago in a crack house.
I really don't understand why people put up with her rudeness, I wouldn't accept that from no one! She obviously is a attention seeker that was picked on as a child and now wants to release all of that pent up rage on anybody that will let her.

People are being waaaay too kind to this dirty dishrag whos only claim to fame is hatching an offspring that got thoroughly ran thru then discarded by Flavor Flav.
i think Tiffany Pollard pics and her mom are nucking futs and should not be on television...BUT it still makes for some good entertainment.

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Tiffany Pollard cuts another 'I Love New York 2'

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Tiffany "New York" Pollard
thought her relationship with Punk lacked passion, causing her to send the lawyer from Elgin, IL packing during last night's penultimate episode broadcast of I Love New York's second-season on VH1.
"I'm just shocked at this decision that she made. I still can't really make any sense of it," said Punk following his ouster. "New York broke my heart tonight. She got rid of a guy who is completely in-love with her. Even still right now -- even though she didn't choose me -- I'm still in-love with her."

I Love New York 2's tenth and penultimate episode began with the three remaining suitors -- Punk; Buddha, a model and personal trainer from Miami, FL; and Tiffany Pollard nude , a fashion planner from Queens, NY -- learning they'd be taking a vacation with New York to Miami. As soon as the group arrived at the hotel where they'd be staying, Tailor Made accused Buddha of "flirting" with the hotel's hostess. The three then prepared for dinner that night with Tiffany Pollard New York.

As the group sat down to enjoy dinner, all three guys jockeyed for position at the table so they could be closer to Tiffany Pollard pics. Much to Punk and Tailor Made's displeasure, New York revealed the "only one" of them she had been thinking about all day was Buddha. Fed-up with the situation, Punk revealed he thought Buddha had flirted with the hotel's hostess earlier in the day.

"That s**t just pissed me off!" commented New York. "I need my man -- my potential life partner -- to only have eyes for New York!"

Rather than avoiding the confrontation, Buddha "faced it" and tried to get back on New York's good side by flirting with her. It worked, which Punk thought made "zero sense." To make matters worse, New York asked Buddha to escort her back to her hotel room, leaving Tailor Made and Punk to wonder what went wrong as they ate dessert with Tiffany Pollard nude photos. All three realized they shared a dislike for Buddha, and made it their mission to make New York see his flaws and boot him out of the competition.

Buddha was excited that this was his chance to physically get closer with New York, and he tried on the way back to her hotel. However she rejected him and the two bickered, with Buddha asking for a "drama break." New York said she was having a hard time trusting Buddha, and his attitude was "f**k it" if she didn't trust him, and he threatened to walk out on her. The two once again got into a shouting match, with New York questioning Buddha's sincerity in appearing on the show since he's an aspiring actor.

"I hope I Love New York 2 looks good on your resume for you!" she told him.

New York then kicked Buddha out of her hotel room; then she told him she didn't mean it and asked him to stay; then kicked him out again; and then told him that she loves him.

"Drama is better than sex for New York," said Buddha with a smug smile. "She gets off on drama."

Despite getting no nookie, Buddha decided to play on Tailor Made and Punk's "insecurities," arriving back at their hotel room without his shirt on and graphically describing all the sexual stuff he did with New York that never really took place. Tiffany Pollard nude photos thought Buddha was "acting like a total jackass" and Punk thought it was "disrespectful to New York," regardless if it was true.

"I hope you enjoyed it because you're on your way out," Punk told Buddha.

The next morning, New York cleared the air with Tailor Made and Punk about what happened the previous night with Buddha.

"He did not touch me," she told the guys, characterizing what Buddha had done as the "ultimate slap in the face" and describing him as a "pig" and "disgusting."

The group arrived at Miami's Parrot Jungle and of course, New York revealed she's afraid of parrots (similar to her fear of horses and dolphins). New York took Tailor Made for some alone time, and he promptly bashed Buddha for using New York to further his acting career. A six-and-a-half-foot tall parrot then pissed on Tailor Made's shoe, ending his alone time with New York.

She then took Punk for some alone time, who protected her from a python before bashing Buddha for flirting with other girls. Punk added he feels Buddha only cares about New York when she's around, and she really started to question why he's around. New York then shared alone time with Buddha, but of course, more drama ensued and their date ended early.

New York had lunch with Punk before she would go out to dinner with Tailor Made that night. Punk once again took the opportunity to bash Buddha for not being there for her.

"Are you looking for love?" New York asked Punk.

"No... Tiffany Pollard found it," he answered.

New York was still searching for more of a "spark" with Punk, and proceeded to lick whipped cream off his chest.

"I think that I'm so comfortable with Punk, that it's starting to begin to be on a friend level," opined New York. "That's not good, because you lose romance when you feel that close to someone."

As New York and Tailor Made settled down for some dinner on her room's patio, he presented her with another gift. Similar to Punk, Tailor Made said he's already planning out his future with New York after the cameras stop rolling, and he gushed about spending the rest of his life with her and making her feel special.

The two started kissing mid-conversation, and eventually moved inside to the bedroom where things Tiffany pollard sex tape seemed to be getting hot and heavy before they were interrupted by hotel staff, who informed them Patterson, Punk and Buddha were downstairs waiting.

As the group had some drinks, Punk revealed to Patterson that Buddha's an actor. She didn't take the news very well and angrily left the table. New York heaped affection on Tailor Made and Punk -- and feeling left out -- Buddha followed Patterson and walked out. Tailor Made and Punk pleaded with New York not to follow him, and she didn't.

"I'm always running after Buddha," said New York. "He has to know that he cannot just run off every time he's pissed at me."

Prior to the elimination ceremony, New York asked Patterson for advice. Patterson complimented both Punk and Tailor Made, however the best thing she could say about Buddha was that his teeth are straight. Patterson also characterized Buddha as a "trouble maker" and a "liability."

"I know what to do," said New York to Patterson. "There's two guys driving me crazy in the right way."

I Love New York 2's elimination ceremony then commenced.

"I'm feeling great," said Punk. "I know she's feeling me. There's no way I'm going home today."

New York first revealed that Tailor Made was safe before turning her attention to both Punk and Buddha. She described Punk as smart, educated, stylish and amazing -- and after composing a list of his qualities -- she couldn't find one flaw with him. New York said Buddha is "sexy as hell" and keeps her in check, but when she wrote a list of his qualities, she found several flaws, including a lack of trust and the fact he seems to play games with her heart.

"I just cannot go by what's on this paper alone," said New York. "The truth of the matter is, there's an uncontrollable force that I feel that makes me want to be with you night and day... I can't let you go right now Buddha."

New York then apologized to Punk.

"I'm at a loss for words. I don't even know what to say," said a visibly upset Punk. "You're so into me -- and you can't find one flaw with me -- and you're sending me home?"

"I'm not in love with you," New York told Punk, adding there's no chemistry between the two.

Patterson wasn't very happy and told New York she was "dead meat" before walking out. As New York hugged Punk before he left, she mouthed "I love you" to Buddha. He said he also loves New York, and she said if he hurts her, she'll "destroy" him.

"Buddha's arrogant, dangerous, fake, manipulative," said Tailor Made. "If New York hasn't seen through him by now, I don't know if she ever will!"

VH1 will air an I Love New York second-season clip show on Wednesday, December 12 at 9PM ET/PT. I Love New York 2's second-season finale will air on Monday, December 17 at 9PM ET/PT on VH1, as she takes her final two suitors to Jamaica.

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Tiffany new york Pollard naked

Its official, later this year, VH1 will have a new show staring New York which will be about her going to hollywood and trying to become a movie star.
Because good girls finish last and bad girls finish first! Look at Madonna, Lil Kim, Marilyn Monroe, etc.

As trashy as they are, look at all the money Britney and Paris make.
Because good girls finish last and bad girls finish first! Look at Tiffany new york Pollard naked, Lil Kim, Marilyn Monroe, etc.

As trashy as they are, look at all the money Britney and Paris make.
I thought we were done with her.
VH1 is still courting the ghetto bunny and simple minded idiot demographic...
Well obviously, because Tiffany Pollard nude photos trash and simple minds nowadays use words like "demographic" and "court".

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Not Even Related to Each Other - These Ladies are Frauds

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I saw where flavor flav met both of new york's parents. new york's dad IS REALLY her dad.
they really really look alike.
i don't think she looks that much like sister patterson. there has to be atleast 15 years diff between them. i would believe that they are actresses and not related, but they def got her real dad to show up on flavor of love.

I agree that NY favors her father in the face...I questioned whether this show was real myself at one point but I happened to be at the Carousel Mall in Syracuse, NY last month and Sister Patterson and Mr. Pollard were there together (Utica is not far away and they live in the area). I even got a picture of them. I'm leaning toward this show being real at the moment...

I don't think she favors her father much.Tiffany Pollard nude has her mothers huge lips and her 5 head.. The only thing I see in her father and her is her skin complexion.

to original poster:

posting on one board wasn't enough? you're really into this huh? once again. who cares Tiffany Pollard sex tape?

Tiffany new york Pollard naked

A friend of mine who worked on the set of 'disaster movie' (possibly the year's biggest bomb/follow-up to meet the spartans), told me that new york has a cameo in it, basically a parody of ilny Tiffany new york Pollard naked.